If you have any enquiries, please contact me by:

❥ Sending me an email at

❥  Messaging me on my Instagram 


In regards to reviews:

I will accept books from all publishers, including self published, and ARC books as long as it fits the genres of:

❥ Young Adult Literature (regardless of genre)
❥ Science Fiction
❥ Fantasy
❥ Dystopia
❥ Contemporary

Upon receiving a copy of your book, I will read it and aim to review it within a month. I will also feature the book on my Instagram and keep a daily update as I read on my Goodreads. I reserve the right not to finish a book if I feel that it just isn’t for me,  however, this is very rare. I will aim to read all books sent to me but there will be cases in which other life responsibilities must be attended to first.

The rating system will be from 1-5 stars, 1 being the worst, 5 being the best.

Please keep in mind that I live in England for postage costs. You can email me for details.

Please leave feedback for my blog down below: